Cloud technology ( Cloud Computing)

1. Definition

Cloud computing (cloud computing) is permanently stored in the server on the Internet the information, the user’s computer or desktop client, tablet computers, notebook, wall computers, hand-held, the sensor, as, such as a monitor It is a place that has been temporarily stored.
Cloud computing (computing cloud computing) is a combination of the development of computer technology (computing) and Internet-based (cloud). Cloud (cloud) is, in many cases, as shown in the network diagram of the computer, there is the Internet cloud metefora.
Cloud computing (cloud computing) is a general concept of the latest technology trends in SaaS type of other well-known cover, the Web 2.0 that have a common theme, provides the user of the computing needs In order to, it is reliance on the Internet. For example, Google Apps is given to the software and data stored on the server, a typical business application that is accessed via a Web browser are provided on-line.
As the clouds of a computer network diagram, the cloud in the cloud computing (cloud) is also abstraction of complex infrastructure is hidden. And so that users can access (in the clouds) over the Internet without knowing her, ones that have control of her professional or helped technology infrastructure, which was in the inside, as a service (as a service) It is a method to calculate the IT-related capabilities provided,,

2 history of cloud computing
Cloud early concept of computing, the idea of ​​the first cloud computing itself, said that arise from the need to share data for all of the people all over the world as “computing will someday become public.” It appeared in 1960 by John McCarthy. Mohamed JCR Licklider, transmission of this idea, anywhere To what to be able to access, it is coveted. Grid computing, in reality with the advent of cloud computing over the Internet.
Cloud computing, rather than as a product function is no information technology, via the Internet (power, storage, and other processing software) We allow for “meenyewa” Information technology resources, suitable for our needs Na use, it is used only in the United States that has a mechanism that is offered as an Internet-based service fee.
Cloud computing vrtualization, service-oriented architecture, is what has been the evolution of autonomic computing and utily. Cloud computing mechanism, as the end user does not require knowledge, controls, when the insfratuktur cloud computing technology to complete the .merka their tasks need to know how to access it you will be able to use them, it is transparent.
Cloud computing, previously service phenomenon grid computing such as (SaaS type), virtualization, is the result of a gradual evolution that occurred provided with (ASP) software application services. Through its own global network, the concept of a computing resource pool began early 60s. It When the display indicates “an intergalactic computer network” by JCR he can be connected to all human in this world, everywhere, have a goal that can be accessed to the program and data from any site 1969 ARPANET Rick rider in charge of the development of (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network),. Margaret Lewis, to be due to AMD’s director of product marketing. “We now, the ideal of a similar sound to what is referred to as cloud computing.” The other computing professionals, society will be the infrastructure computing, network, and offers ideas about service bureau that has existed since the early ’60s John McCarthy between them, to this concept It will provide additional.
Since the 1960s, cloud computing has evolved along with the Internet and Web development. However, the bandwidth of the technological change that is large enough in the 1990s, the Internet we have developed than the first cloud computing. And now, it teryata that it can be seen that the main driver of cloud computing is the Internet revolution in the cause. There is enough drastic with in 1999 and was the first to the originator of the enterprise application that you run on the Internet stepping stone, and one of the. The next development where technology elastic calculation Cloud (EC2), in the Amazon Web Services in 2006, the application to be able to run their own computer, capable of commercial Web services small companies and individuals borrow computers and servers There is a site.
Other major foothold and web 2.0 has reached its peak, came in 2009. The Google and others, we have begun to provide a browser-based applications for large companies such as Google Apps. For example, the ruling party technology of killer apps like Microsoft and Google “” The most important contribution of cloud computing is the emergence of “. The company, sending a service in a simplified form for the consumer, the effect Dan Germain, according to the spider’s nest of Chief Technology IT solutions provider, “it will be very widely accepted. Cloud Computing According to the pioneer of Jamie Turner of ~Ingu, “Another major factor, visual other the rise of cloud computing among the maturation of technology, development of universal high speed banwidth, and give you the impact on the universal software “. Turner, cloud computing, and added that the “widespread until the user’s Google documents. We, you can how to large imaginary range of has been achieved. What is done , it can be delivered via the cloud. ”

3 benefits of using cloud computing
It will change the paradigm of IT companies and organizations from the point of view of cloud computing and information and communications technology investment. (Up to desktop applications, data center, processing power, storage) to be able to as “the creative freedom due to investment in you do not need capital capital that provides an infrastructure, to cloud computing It becomes a more efficient size and operating costs, since this is done the user (user) All is provided substantially, the system
Use of information systems, maintenance, while the need for security
In order to improve, and to encourage companies and organizations, is increased,
In order to protect the system, also, it does not have the best resources to buy the system for that purpose, this by ensuring their systems to companies and organizations, and even maintain their information system In order to, most likely cloud computing, especially in Indonesia, where possibilities and first choice would grow highest.
But with cloud computing, they (companies / organizations), you hire just services and cloud computing provider services. As explained earlier in Compuitng cloud, better information systems pememakaian, maintenance you can reduce the initial investment companies and organizations that need security.
In this case, large-scale investment for companies and organizations, management is readily converted to a production system, even in such as such a service (SaaS type) as the blocking software in the cloud, service providers, It can provide a very low price due to economic factors.
In cloud computing, we no longer, you do not need to worry about the complexity of the current technology. Organizations efforts to use information technology, all of which can remain in the service provider cloud computing threatens the security of their information systems, further in the case of using lawyers -updatetan technologies and applications You do not need to be afraid of the possibilities.
Cloud computing, can not be used as -coreBusiness‖ for enterprise, cloud computing is to make LAH in reverse – but is the support Business‖ use, this principle is existing in the company with the intent and purpose in managing the information system, as support of the company, for the company’s business continuity that will be true for cloud computing, cloud computing, enterprise in order to reduce the Company’s business in terms of data processing In order to provide a solution for.

1. Scalability – easy response to changes in the computing requirements, it will increase the capacity,
Without purchasing additional equipment.
2. Accessibility – where access data and applications over the Internet from any location. Cost reduction
3. shift the burden – renewed, free internal IT staff of a certain problem.
The main concerns about cloud computing, security and reliability. In many organizations, degree of difficulty, you have the trust of the information with third-party vendors, also, of the public stop provider evaluate your computing needs, which increases its concern, it is cloud computing It is important to consider both the benefits and risks of ~Ingu.
For example, loss of data may it cloud computing and traditional enterprise systems often cloud computing vendors, many more available to correct these faults quickly and accurately It has the resources.
In addition to cloud computing technology, the (computing cloud computing), provides a more economic impact, business applications, while operating in an environment, IT resources are used more efficiently. Cloud service is a business that is the most rapidly growing, on any device, you will develop an approach to provide applications and services from anywhere on any of the customer. Shift, cloud computing across technology and business nature, dramatically change the business and going by shifting a method of using the technique to meet the requirements.
With the cloud capabilities for handling important tasks, because it can more efficiently performed, and performed by a third party, whether they are central or core of your business, general business model , and the This is a service where you can get your profit.
4 characteristics of cloud computing
With the rise of talk about cloud computing, it has announced that more and more companies to provide cloud computing services. User of everyone, the service we get is, to ensure that you do not walk in the cloud computing will be very confusing. For example, all of the existing definitions, cloud computing and can ideally diintisarikan be a service that has the following five features.

1) On-demand self-service
You can use the cloud computing services when needed, please use the user by using the direct mechanism of the self-service. Intervention service provider is very minimalistic. We are now, if you need a CRM application services (as of the beginning of the example), we are available immediately on the spot should be able to be registered in the self-service and service .

2) Broad network access
Cloud computing services, you, as long as it is connected to the network service, any device, anytime, anywhere must be accessible from any location. In the example on the CRM application service, as long as we as connecting to the Internet, I either laptop, desktop, a cafe, a mobile phone, via tablet, and other devices, can access the service I will like to.

3) resource pooling
Cloud computing services must be a central available efficiently will be able to share resources. Cloud computing, because it is shared by a wide range of customers, service providers, so that the system can be fully utilized, must be able to share efficiently load.

4) rapid elasticity
Cloud computing services should be able to increase capacity (or lowered) if necessary. If an employee in the office has increased, you should be able to easily add users to the CRM application. Similarly, if an employee has been reduced. If you put the news site to the network cloud, because there is a next important news, if you increase the traffic must be allowed to increase capacity rapidly.
5) Measurement Service
Because it is used in the payment process, cloud computing services should be provided during the measurement. Because the services are paid according to the use of cloud computing, please be aware that there is a need to measure it properly.

5. work system cloud computing
Front-end and back-end: When you talk about cloud computing system, the system is divided into two parts. It is, generally, network, have been connected to each other via the Internet. Front-end is either a computer user (user), or client (client), please see. On the back, it is part of the “cloud” of the system.
Figure .Urutan front back
The front-end contains the client computer (or computer network) and the application needed to access the cloud computing system. Necessarily all of the cloud computing system, it has the same user interface. Services such as such Web-based e-mail program, you have to use an existing Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Other systems, has the unique applications that provide network access to the client.
Backend system creates a “cloud” computing services, various computers, servers, a data storage system. In theory, cloud computer system, can contain almost any computer program that can be imagined from the data processing to the video game. Normally, each application will have its own dedicated server.
Figure. System processing system
Central server that manages the system, in order to ensure everything runs smoothly be monitored request traffic and client. The system follows the set of rules, called protocols, uses a special type of software known as middleware. Middleware network allows the computer to communicate with each other. In most cases, the server is not running at full capacity. In other words, nothing it means the unused waste of processing power. It is how you will need. This technology is called virtualization server. By maximizing the output of each server, virtualization server, reduces the need for the machine at work.
6 of services that cloud computing has to offer.
In general, cloud computing services, three levels, namely application / software, platform, and infrastructure has been divided into (service, as a service platform, software as infrastructure as a service)

Infrastructure as a service structure 1
This is all the network components Data centers, including the storage, server, the overall provision of IT infrastructure, such as a grid for the virtual server, it is present in the cloud system is third party managed. As a user, the customer is easy to use, customers log in to the interface, which is manufactured by providing it does not have to wait to be able to use the needs of the appropriate server capacity long, choose their own specifications required services is, you need to pay the appropriate capacity. Another synonym wear, such as services. Simply, we server space, such as placing or “hire”, network equipment, memory, CPU cycles, and hardware infrastructure cloud computing providers such as storage,.
There is a case that the configuration that is provided by the provider of PaaS does not conform to our wishes. We are unique and intend to use an application that requires a server configuration that can not be met by the provider of PaaS. For this purpose, you can use a kind of infrastructure cloud computing services as IaaS (services).
The IaaS of the service provider, such virtualized processor, memory, and provides the computing resources, such as storage. However, the service provider, does not install the operating system and applications. OS, application, and selection of other configurations, there is plenty on the Company’s management.
So, you can service of IaaS is seen as a migration process of our servers from the data center on-premises to millik this the IaaS provider. Average, local cloud computing vendors, in the form of a virtual private server, but will be offered a model of IaaS.
2. as a platform service
Web-based development platform that can be used to create a Web application, you may. Of PaaS is to develop a rapid and low cost applications, it opens the opportunity for different levels of developer knowledge.
Also, directly resulting applications, they are, so as to remain focused on the application developmentnya, developers, needs an operating system, infrastructure scaling, it is possible to kekhawatirkan eliminate such as load balancing, so without having to engage the experts in order, it can be easily deployed. As an example, using the programming language Python and Django’s, provides a variety of tools for developing applications on Google’s platform Google of AppEngine, is located.
It often occurs a package of software applications that can not meet the needs of the business process. Similarly, SaaS provided the application as a service, not according to our business processes. Well, in this scenario, we will be able to use this type of service, called the platform, such as a service (of PaaS).
In the PaaS,, including the database schema necessary, create the required our own application software. Scheme then, we’ve put in (developing) a PaaS provider of Jada on owning server. Because it is a cluster that already provides the operating system of the above, from the management itself of server, service providers of providing PaaS platform of such services will be virtualized. As a result, users, you need to install an application that was made it so.
We if it is a manufacturer of software to PaaS will provide other alternatives. Instead, of installing the software on the consumer server, we can, install the software on a server that PaaS service provider owned, it can be sold to consumers in the form of a subscription. In other words, we create a SaaS of.
And PaaS of, in short, we will build our own applications on top of the services of PaaS. As an example of a service provider of PaaS vendor, and is a Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services,

3. Software as a Service
It is each customer to be able to access through the network, software or Web-based application interface has been deployed on the side of the third party. You pay a set of servers to run the applications you need for software license, or you do not need to buy, you do not need to run the deployment from the beginning of the application. You simply depending on the usage of each user, the application will pay OPEX mechanism is regularly paid. Because the application is Web-based, like you, you need a browser to be the only Internet connection and run. Examples of SaaS type, SaaS services, services, such as a word processor of Google documents, project management, through to the online bill, to provide a very diverse, CRM services at a very affordable price,, is online. By, it is much given such online accounting service also available. The and IBM, it can serve as a model for the SaaS services in the area of ​​collaboration / unified communications. Unfortunately, for a single in the domestic market, a small number of very, in order to provide the current service, is there still are willing to invest the BER.

In fact we are already Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Google Search, Bing or through the MSN Messenger, we are familiar with cloud computing services. Another example, very popular, is the Google documents and Microsoft Office of Web application is an Internet-based document processing applications.
In the business world, may be familiar with the or Microsoft CRM, it is a CRM application services. Here, the company, you do not need to set up the hardware and the server itself of CRM software. Simply subscribe to the and Microsoft CRM, we are through the anytime, anywhere the Internet will be able to use the CRM application from. You do not need to invest as well as the application server. Also, you always have the latest application at the time of upgrade. In short, we really have to stay using the just application. Payment is usually carried out every month, it is the corresponding number of application users. In other words as you go, pay, for each seat, you pay each time you want to use.
Now, the software application are available, a user can be directly used, all of these services are included in the category of software as a service (a SaaS). In a nutshell, it will consume application services that we are provided directly.

Ø example our cloud service provider

· SaaS of
Such as, Google documents, of Gmail, GoogleCalendar, the Microsoft Office Web applications of Google, such as such as, Microsoft of Office Communications Online, Microsoft Dynamics for CRM, such as Microsoft,

– SaaS
Google App Engine of the such, the Google Web Toolkit, such as Google, Microsoft of Windows Live, such as, Microsoft Windows Azure, such as Microsoft,

· IaaS of
Amazon Web services, such as the Amazon elastic compute cloud (EC2).
Skytap, Inc., such as such Skytap Inc. Cloud (TM),
Hexagrid as V3Cloud reseller program,

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